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Design reflects who you are and how you live.  Zuma's commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our operations that results in the collections superior quality and designs.
Recyclable products are used in every aspect of the process, from the paperwork to the construction, whenever possible.  We also participate in any recycling programs available to us through our suppliers as well as our own internal recycling efforts. 
Many items are reused on site such as boxes, water, drums, and pallets.  As an example to others, and to assist our distributors with their sustainability efforts, we reduce the cardboard, wood, and number of shipments needed to deliver product whenever possible by "nesting" the bathtubs.  
Digital facsimile, e-mail, order tracking software, barcode systems and other electronic forms of communication and production processing are used when possible.  Zuma strives to attain a paperless environment.  
Our facilities are cleaned daily and the importance of supporting the environment is a value shared with our entire staff.  Zuma's commitment to sustainability promotes a beautiful environment for the future and brings beautiful designs into your bathroom.